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Alan Hewitt
Mugshot by Andrew Douglas of Serenity Farne Islands Tours

I am a wildlife and conservation photographer, writer and workshop leader based in Northumberland in the United Kingdom. My appreciation and fascination of wildlife leads me to document and share the natural world we live in. From my favourite local patch The Farne Islands to the birds and mammals of the Masai Mara and in my local woods I am always amazed by our wildlife. I hope my photography and website can inspire others to appreciate and respect our natural world.

I am a strong supporter of wildlife and conservation, internationally and throughout the United Kingdom. I am a member and supporter of several conservation organisations who also benefit from my print sales, photography workshops and writing.

Much of my work is conservation led. Globally, wildlife is facing challenges tougher than ever to survive. I believe the medium of photography is a powerful tool in conservation, the visual impact engages minds and raises awareness to bring about positive action and change. A narrated photo story can demonstrate the necessity of proactive conservation, the benefits derived or even the cost of doing nothing. My photography has been used to support wildlife conservation organisations in Kenya as well as projects closer to home in the UK such as the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, red squirrel conservation, owl & raptor rescue, local campaigns to save nature reserves which are home to many iconic and endangered native British species.

I welcome commissions for photography assignments, workshop/tour leading and magazine editorial features, please see my evolving range of editorial tear sheets. I am able to offer a competitive daily rate and I can be flexible when working with wildlife charitable organisations. While my main experience is in wildlife and conservation, I am also happy to consider a range of commercial photographic assignments (except weddings!).

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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