Get Low Down For Impact

Whenever it is physically possible and safe to do so, I look for opportunities to get low down to the level of my subject. It can be inconvenient and at times uncomfortable, you get dirty and you may need somebody to keep a look out for your safety. But, you can create so much more … Read more

I’ve Top Trumped!

Asian Short Clawed Otter, Top Trumps Awesome Animals

Asian Short Clawed Otter, Top Trumps Awesome Animals Forget Wildlife Photographer of the Year, forget the British Wildlife Photography Awards, GDT European Wildlife Photographer and any other wildlife photography competition. Top Trumps is where it’s at! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Top Trumps, let me explain…. Top Trumps is a card game … Read more

Squabbling Sparrows


This week I spent a few hours with Andy (Andy Howey, Falconer) in the bird hide I use for the Woodland Birds & Reflection Pool photography workshop. Alongside the many Greenfinches, Goldfinches, Bluetits, Great Tits, Robins, Chaffinches and Dunnocks, the feeding station was absolutely packed with Sparrows. Although I have read about antagonistic behaviour and … Read more

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