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Arranging a trip to Kenya’s Maasai Mara could be a fairly simple task. There are an abundance of Safari travel agents in the UK and further afield who are ready to offer a range of destinations and lodges to suit varying budgets. But ‘simple’ is not good enough! Behind the photography, we have given a great deal of thought into three underlying principles to ensure our photography safaris exceed the expectations of our clients, and make a positive impact for the wonderful Maasai people and wildlife conservation.

Topi Sunset, Masai Mara Wildlife Photography SafariTopi Sunset, photographed on our 2017 safari.

1.Photography Emphasis

This sounds obvious, but let’s explore it in more detail…

Most safaris are designed as a ‘box-tickers’ safari, small groups of tourists hoping to see as many different species as possible in a short amount of time. It can be a good way to see African wildlife but it is far from ideal for photography. I know of many enthusiastic photographers who have returned home from safaris like this and feel disappointed by their experiences.

Our safaris are designed with the requirements of photographers in mind…

  • Four wheel drive open-sided vehicles;
  • Extra group baggage allowances on Safari Link flights;
  • Qualified Maasai guides who understand our photographic approach;
  • Low vehicle numbers in the Mara Conservancies;
  • Maximum of 4 clients per vehicle (6 available seats), loads of room to move around and space for gear;
  • Early morning starts for the best light and activity;
  • Lots of time with species to photograph their different behaviours from different angles in changing light;
  • Ongoing photography tuition and advice;
  • Photography post-processing and workflow sessions;
  • All conservancy and National Park fees included.
Elephants, Masai Mara Wildlife Photography SafariElephants, photographed on our 2017 safari.

2. Ethics & Sustainability

We base ourselves in the Maasai Mara Conservancies. These are managed to protect delicate eco-systems and benefit the landowners, the Maasai people. Our accommodation at The House In The Wild provides employment and training to local people, not only for the hospitality industry but also for wildlife conservation and cattle grazing projects. The fees we pay to travel through the wildlife Conservancies also fund habitat and wildlife conservation, provision of rangers and their training, plus local education, healthcare and water projects. Our guides are from local Massai communities who have been formally trained and accredited at the Koiyaki Guiding School. We also visit a local ‘boma’ (Maasai village) to experience and learn about their culture. Over the years we have made a significant contribution towards the education of local children by providing school equipment and the buidling of a school house.

We believe in making a positive impact to help the Maasai Mara and its wonderful people. Choosing a safari with ethical and sustainable principles is a great way to make sure you give something back.

Male Lion, Masai Mara Wildlife Photography SafariMale lion of the Lemek Pride, photographed on our 2017 safari.

3. Enjoyment

Of course we also want you to thoroughly enjoy your time with us in the magnificent Mara! Our accommodation is situated on the Mara River with great access to the Enonkishu, Lemek and Ol Choro Conservancies. There is a small swimming pool to help you cool off in between safari drives. Wi-fi is availble to help you keep in touch and share your magnificent photographs with the world!

All drinks, meals and snacks at The House In The Wild are included, that’s beers and wines too! We enjoy meals indoors and outdoors, by the river overlooking the Hippos, out on the open plains of the savannah and back at The House In The Wild. At the end of each day, we serve a range of drinks while we photograph the sunset and listen to the Mara’s dusk chorus. Evenings will be spent around an open fire with hors d’oeuvres and drinks, recounting the day’s experiences and finalising plans for the next day. We round off each evening with a fantastic three course meal before retiring to our lodges for a well-earned sleep.

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