Tyne Bridge Kittiwakes Under Threat

Today I have learned that Newcastle-Gateshead’s kittiwake colony is facing another threat to their breeding habitat. Newcastle City Council have received a planning application from Gainford Hotels, owners of the nearby Vermont Hotel to install bird netting, angled sill plates and an avishock system to the North tower of the Tyne Bridge. The aim is … Read more

World Lion Day 2015

Adolescent male lion - Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya

Today, 10th August is world lion day. Lion conservationists estimate Africa’s lion population has declined from over 100,000 to 30,000 over the previous 50 years. If lion numbers continue to decline this way there is a very real chance they may be extinct by 2030. Take a moment to think about that. Wild African lions … Read more

Attack Of The Terns!

Wind the clock back to a damp and foggy spring morning in June 2013 and I found myself on Inner Farne of the Farne Islands. There is certainly nothing unusual about that in itself but this time I was there for Bird Watching Magazine to cover the National Trust’s annual tern census. Inner Farne is … Read more

MV Danio Farne Islands

At around 0430 on Saturday the 16th March the MV Danio, a 80 metre long cargo vessel issued a distress call after it became grounded on the ‘Blue Caps’ low lying tidal rocks of the Farne Islands to the south west of The Longstone. The Danio has a cargo of timber on board and despite … Read more

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