The Frames per Second Advantage

Over the last few years we have seen a very obvious trend in cameras being designed to match the needs of different photographic genres. The most recent examples I can use are Nikon’s D5 and D500, and from Canon, the 7D Mark 2 and 1D X Mark 2. These cameras share common features, fast (rate … Read more

Aperture Priority & Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation on a Nikon DSLR (Circled)

On Sunday’s birds of prey photography day we spent time discussing the practical differences between aperture and shutter priority and what is actually happening in the camera when exposure compensation is used. It’s quite a lot to take in and understand – especially when there is so much going on so I decided to write … Read more

XQD Memory Cards for Nikon D5 and D500

Lexar XQD

If you have a Nikon D500 on order you’re probably looking to procure an appropriate memory card before you take delivery of the camera. It has been reported that the Nikon D5 will come with an XQD card and reader but as expected, the D500 will most certainly not. With the delivery date of my … Read more

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