Latest Photograph – Elephants at the Watering Hole

African Elephants drinking at a watering hole in Djuma Reserve, Sabi Sands.

We always use professional guides and trackers on photography safaris. This investment pays dividends in safety, ethics and importantly, in our amazing and consistent success rate in getting close to stunning wildlife. That said, a wildlife safari always brings plenty of surprises and we are always prepared to embrace unpredictable photography opportunities! We set off … Read more

The Lioness, the Jackal and the Warthog

Warning! This blog post contains gory photographs. It was shortly before 9am on a breezy morning in the Lemek Conservancy when Boston, our safari guide brought our vehicle to a halt. We thought it was time for our picnic breakfast but instead of reaching for the cool box Boston reached for his binoculars and confirmed … Read more

World Lion Day 2015

Adolescent male lion - Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya

Today, 10th August is world lion day. Lion conservationists estimate Africa’s lion population has declined from over 100,000 to 30,000 over the previous 50 years. If lion numbers continue to decline this way there is a very real chance they may be extinct by 2030. Take a moment to think about that. Wild African lions … Read more

Nashipai, “The one who always smiles”

In Masaai, the name Nashipai is translated as “the one who always smiles”. My encounter with Nashipai is certainly something to smile about and my evening with her is something I will never forget. Nashipai is a lioness from the Enoolera pride of lions, one of two major prides in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy of … Read more

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