I’ve Top Trumped!

Asian Short Clawed Otter, Top Trumps Awesome Animals

Asian Short Clawed Otter, Top Trumps Awesome Animals Forget Wildlife Photographer of the Year, forget the British Wildlife Photography Awards, GDT European Wildlife Photographer and any other wildlife photography competition. Top Trumps is where it’s at! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Top Trumps, let me explain…. Top Trumps is a card game … Read more

Sunset Swan

Mute Swan At Dusk

The threat of the incoming tide ended this weeks photographic jaunt around Northumberland’s Holy Island just before sunset. Cursing the tide and sunset times we beat a hasty retreat across the causeway to the mainland as the tide rolled in. This lone mute swan was close by the rescue shelter just as the setting sun … Read more

Wildlife Photography Composition

Nowadays modern digital SLR cameras and lenses are jam-packed with incredible features which when used correctly, can greatly assist photographers in getting the photograph they desire. There is no denying that intelligent auto focus tracking and metering, advancements in high ISO image quality, flash systems etc are all having a great impact on many genres … Read more

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