Coronavirus Information & Updates

The situation we are currently in is something very few of us will have ever experienced before. Aside from the fears about our own and our family’s health and wellbeing, we are also faced with not knowing how the next few weeks, and possibly beyond, are going to play out.

Many people have arrangements with me for photography workshops, safaris, talks etc etc.

I’ve prepared this page to give you some information and updates on each of these. This guidance has been updated on:

Wednesday 27th May.

Please do not compare plans on dates for workshops with safaris. The latter involves other country’s arrangements, flights, visas etc which add extra layers of complications.

Alan Hewitt Photography Coronavirus Information and Updates

Photography Workshop – Northumberland Rural Birds of Prey

At present I have two dates for this workshop, 10th May and 11th July. I am cancelling the 10th May date but currently working on the basis that 11th July will be able to go ahead as planned. If you are booked on the 10th May date, I will be in touch shortly.

Please note, this information is not for the FUJIFILM Xperience Days. More information on this can be found below when it is available. Currently they are cancelled.

Photography Workshop – Holy Island Birds of Prey

I am hoping to add more dates for the summer and beyond.

Photography Workshop – Farne Islands Puffins & Seabirds June 2020

The National Trust are gradually re-opening some of their properties but at present, there does not appear to be a plan in place for the Farne Islands.

As a result of the ongoing uncertainty and the social distancing requirements, all bookings have been cancelled as of Saturday 16th May. I have emailed everybody with regards to refunds.

Most refunds have been paid but I still have a couple outstanding due to the details provided being ‘flagged’ by my bank. I have tried to contact people again by email and telephone but I am not receiving replies. I cannot pay these refunds until I am 100% confident the account details are correct.

Photography Safari with Penda Photo Tours – South Africa’s Timbavati July 2020

Penda Photo Tours are currently in the process of contacting people who are booked on the 20th July safari and are making arrangements to postpone this until 2021. Please check the Penda Photo Tours website for information on this safari.

Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Adventure August 2020

We are currently reviewing this and at this time are hopeful it will go ahead.

Highlands & Eagles February 2021

Booking as normal.

FUJIFILM Xperience Days

These are currently cancelled until further notice.

The Photography Show

This was postponed in March and is now scheduled to take place on the 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd September. I’m hoping to be talking on the FUJIFILM stand as per the arrangements for March.

Club / Society Talks & Presentations – 2020 and beyond

I have talks arranged from November 24th and on throughout 2021. I am currently wokring on the basis that these will be going ahead as planned.


I’ll be looking to keep this information up to date, please check back every so often and if you have any queries or concerns you can contact me.

Please stay safe, look after yourselves and your families and I look forward to seeing you, hopefully soon!