Lioness and cubs returning to the pride Alan Hewitt Photography

Snow Bunting – Fujifilm X-H1 & Fujinon 100-400mm, XF1.4x (1/680, f/10, ISO500, 560mm)

Here in Northumberland, we seem to be enduring an extended run of dark, miserable and overcast rainy days. Yesterday, however, was an exception! We had the pleasure of an afternoon of beautiful winter sun and deep blue skies. With a break in the dreich weather on the local forecast, I made sure I cleared a couple of deadlines and headed off to spend a couple of hours in Northumberland photographing a ‘drift’ of snow buntings.

Snow Buntings breed around the Arctic Circle and migrate south in winter. It is thought around 10,000 to 15,000 birds spend winter in the United Kingdom, in mainly coastal areas.

Given the situation with the global pandemic, lockdowns, tiers, and having to work and earn a living with increasing irregularity, it was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours to be outdoors in the sunshine. Yes, it was cold. But it felt warming too!