Ibali: Photography for Change with the Penda Trust

I’ll get straight to the point and then I’ll tell you why…. I want your old digital camera, please!

Ibali: Photography for Change with the Penda Trust

I work on a freelance basis for Penda Photo Tours running photography safaris in Greater Kruger, South Africa. Penda Photo Tours is a source of funds for the non-profit organisation, Penda Trust.

Penda Trust works with grass-roots charities teaching photography to youths in underprivileged communities. Their photography enables them to highlight social and conservation issues, provides them with mentorship and achievement to inspire them and act as a catalyst in positively changing the trajectory of their lives.

The other longer term goals of this project are to help participants become mentors themselves and spread the programme to other parts of South Africa.

A project like this needs equipment such as cameras, small hard drives, memory cards, batteries etc. Cameras don’t have to be advanced DSLRs. Any camera which allows the users to explore the fundamentals of photography is ideal. If you have any old cameras which you don’t use anymore and are willing to donate them to this project, please contact me and we can arrange collection.

Ibali? It means ‘story’ in Xhosa, the language of the Bantu ethnic group who live in south-central and southeasterly South Africa.

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