Latest Photograph – Boomslang

I took this photograph of a Boomslang earlier this year at the Kinyonga Reptile Centre in Limpopo Province, Greater Kruger in South Africa. I had been working with African Impact in Hoedspruit when Tim Feherty and I took some time to visit Kinyonga to photograph the five most venomous snakes in Africa. After I was assured that I was covered by their doctor led medical evacuation policy, we were introduced to the Boomslang, Snouted Cobra, Black Mamba, Green Mamba and Puff Adder.


Boomslang is Afrikaan for ‘Tree Snake’, an obvious name given its arboreal habitat! Their unusally large eyes and green/blue colour hue make them a very photogenic snake. You can join me in July 2018 in Greater Kruger with Penda Photo Tours. We’ll be spending a day at Kinyonga photographing a range of snakes and other reptiles. For more information, click here.

With thanks to Tim Feherty of African Impact and Donald Strydom of Kinyonga Reptile Centre.

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