Latest Photograph – Elephants at the Watering Hole

We always use professional guides and trackers on photography safaris. This investment pays dividends in safety, ethics and importantly, in our amazing and consistent success rate in getting close to stunning wildlife.

That said, a wildlife safari always brings plenty of surprises and we are always prepared to embrace unpredictable photography opportunities!

We set off on one of our afternoon drives in Djuma Reserve, Sabi Sands with the plan of heading to the last known location of the Torchwood pride of lions. En-route through the bushveld we could hear some water splashing and as we cleared the foliage and ascended onto the dam of a watering hole we were greeted by this amazing and beautiful sight…

Elephants at the Watering Hole, Sabi Sands.Elephants at the watering hole, Sabi Sands. Nikon D800, 70-200 f/2.8 – 1/125, f/11, ISO200, 110mm.

The next few minutes were incredible photographic and wildlife bliss. The sound of the elephants splashing and drinking water, their deep grumbling as they communicated with each other and the constant call of the red-billed buffalo weavers in the background – you can see their nests in the tree. Priceless.

The lions of the Torchwood pride would have to wait. Just a little while longer!

Join me in July 2018 in Greater Kruger and Djuma Reserve, Sabi Sands in South Africa for a wildlife photography safari, more information here.

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