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At the time this photograph was taken, male Lion ‘Barikoi’ was one of the two alpha males of the Lemek Lion Pride. He was approximately 8 years old.

Barikoi and his brother Dere, brought a much needed period of stability to the previously turbulent Lemek Pride dynamics around 2018 / 2019 allowing cubs to prosper and reach adulthood.

Wildlife Print Lion Barikoi Alan Hewitt Photography


A monotone print, with a subtle sepia finish limited to just 30 prints. Available in 16 (A3) inches longest side.

Prints are mounted and framed, then titled and signed on the mount. Limited edition prints are also numbered. A certificate of authenticity including ‘the back story’ is included with every print.

All prints are produced to order by one of the UK’s top professional photography labs. All sizes are approximate to allow for print and mount bleeds. Watermarks do not appear on prints.

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