1 to 1 Beginners Photography

Prices vary depending on location and requirements. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.


Your camera is an amazing piece of photographic technology, but to the beginner it can be an incredibly daunting piece of kit too. Your camera manual will tell you where to find and change specific functions and settings but it probably doesn’t do a great job explaining when and why you may wish to use them. It can be very tempting to leave your camera in ‘Auto’ mode but by doing so you are missing out on both your and your camera’s creativie potential, which probably inspired you to buy your camera in the first place!


You’ll need to bring your camera and and lenses. Please make sure you bring your battery and a memory card too, plus any other accessories you would like to use during the workshop. If you would like to include post processing, you will need a laptop and appropriate software.


Arranged depending on requirements. In the past we have used:
Washington Wetlands Centre, Tyne & Wear,
Andy Howey’s Birds of Prey Centre, Northumberland,
Hareshaw Linn, Bellingham,
St. Mary’s Island, Tyne & Wear,
Masai Mara, Kenya (private wildlife photography safari)
Farne Islands, Northumberland
Holy Island, Northumberland
Studley Royal Deer Park, North Yorkshire


Some locations have car parking and toilets close by or on site. I will be able to advise accordingly. A packed lunch may also be required.

Ruddy Shelduck.Ruddy Shelduck, wildlife photography techniques.

My beginners photography workshops are designed to show you how to get to grips with the technical aspects of your camera and also give you the confidence to use it to its full creative potential.

Throughout these workshops I’ll help you understand the key features of your camera and how and why they are used in photography. We’ll look at the basic principles of photography including exposure, focusing and the use of lenses. We’ll explore the various functions of your camera, the menu system and body controls and how best to use them. I’ll simplify the numerous focus settings to show you how to get sharp photographs in a variety of scenarios. We can also look at the use of filters and how to process your photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop.

St. Mary's LighthouseSt. Mary’s Lighthouse, Landscape photography and filters.
Hareshaw BurnHareshaw Burn waterfalls, long exposure photography.

Locations can be arranged to suit your photographic interests and we can discuss anything specific you’d like to learn. However, if you think of something during the workshop, just let me know and I’ll help as we go along. After the workshop I am always happy and willing to keep in touch with people to offer any ongoing help and feedback.

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