Kingfisher Photography Hide Workshop

Kingfisher Photography Hide




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2017 Dates & Prices: Tuesday 25th April – 0 places available. £150 per person.
Wednesday 26th April – 0 places available. £150 per person.
Tuesday 2nd May – 2 places available. £150 per person.
Wednesday 3rd May – 0 places available. £150 per person.
Maximum participants: 3 per workshop
Private workshops? Yes. One to one, one to two and one to three workshops can be made on a bespoke basis. Please contact me for a quote and to arrange a suitable date.


I recommend a digital SLR with a lens of 300mm or more. A tripod with a ballhead or gimbal is essential for ease of camera movement in the hide. Spare batteries and memory cards are an absolute necessity.

Stout outdoor shoes or walking boots are recommended and warm clothing. Insect repellant may be useful depending on the time of the year.


The hide is near Leeds. I will provide exact meeting point details upon booking.


There are no facilities in the vicinity of the hide. Please bring a packed lunch and drinks.


A basic level of agility / mobility is required to reach the hide location.

This wildlife photography workshop has one of our most stunning native birds as its subject, The Common Kingfisher. Most people’s experience of a Kingfisher is a high speed flash of iridescent blue as the bird goes whizzing by on a watercourse as it aggressively defends its territorrial range. I’ve teamed up with the owner of a private hide to provide these photography workshops where I’ll guide you on how to take some stunning photographs of this brilliantly coloured and extraordinary bird.

Kingfisher, ready to dive!Kingfisher, ready to dive!

The hide is located on private land by a large pond and stream. For variety, a range of natural perches can be used and these are placed around 6m from the hide at camera height. A tripod is required and I recommend a head which provides easy movement such as gimbal or ballhead.

Kingfisher in the rainSlowing down the shutter speed to create rain streaks.

We’ll meet close to the hide at 7.30am – I’ll provide specific details upon booking. Throughout the day I will be able to talk through camera settings and techniques to make sure you can react quickly to the light and action to get the best photographs possible when the Kingfisher arrives at the perch. Remember, these skills and techniques are easily transferable to other wildlife photography species too!

Please bring a packed lunch and drinks, there are no facilities close to the hide.

Kingfisher in the rainSlowing down the shutter speed to create rain streaks.
KingfisherMale Kingfisher.

Important Note:

Please ensure you have read and understood our workshop terms and conditions before you make a booking. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

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