I’m immensely proud of the testimonials I receive from people who have been on my workshops and photography talks…

I thoroughly enjoyed my Birds of Prey Workshop and I have come home with a lovely set of pictures. Alan’s advice on settings was invaluable and he explained things in such a simple way that even a beginner would be able to cope. There was a relaxed atmosphere as Alan put everyone at ease. He was interested in his students and could not have been more helpful as he went around speaking and helping everyone individually. The locations where the birds were placed had obviously been thought out carefully and everything looked natural. What a wonderful Workshop this was.
Many thanks Alan,

Kath Hall   

A great day of photography in good company with expert advice from Alan on hand. Nice to be able to take your time, experiment a bit, and get the shot you want .

Charlie Syme   

A great day out with Alan and Andy. Lots of opportunities to get really close to the birds in very naturalistic settings. Alan provides good advice about camera settings and composition. Andy is very good at concealing the jesses and the birds are most cooperative. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

Christopher Wren   

Alan Many thanks once again for a fab day with you and Andy on your birds of prey and bluebells day. I took far to many shots as usual but have got so many keepers i,m amazed.. Thank you both for another wonderful workshop.

Regards David

David Lain   

Alan's Bird of Prey workshop at Holy Island was a fantastic day. It's very relaxed and at no point do you feel rushed to get the shot that you want. Alan is always on hand if you require any help with your camera or settings (even going to the trouble of having manuals available!!!)

The attention to detail in placing the birds so that you can't see the jesses was the icing on the cake. I'm over the moon with my final images, they wouldn't have been half as good without the effort in making sure the birds were placed 'just right'.

Thanks for such a great day.

Matt Smith   

All you guys, talking about ‘The Hunt’ from BBC TV. You got the flavour … but sooooo second hand. To experience the real thing for yourself is truly amazing. I went to Kenya in August this year, with Kaleel, Alan and 4 others. It was my dream come true.

Up at 5 am, in the dark, out at 6. Freezing cold (still dark) wrapped in blankets as our Masai guides drove the vehicles to who knows where?! Spending the day with giraffes, elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, hippos, warthogs, baboons and monkeys, wildebeests, rhinos, exotic and beautiful birds and reptiles, as we were consumed by the unimaginable landscapes which stretched for miles … I could go on and on … OK, I will … watching the sun come up and seeing the animals that survived the night greeting a brand new day. Tucking into packed breakfasts and lunches in the bush. Then, at the end of the day, time for ‘sun downers’ with a Tusker’s beer or two (soft drinks if you want, though) and a chance to capture the truly magnificent Kenyan sunsets with that all important camera (if it had any memory left from the irresistible opportunities throughout the day). But … in between all that – travelling along but also, watching and getting to know and understand a little, about the Kenyan animal societies … how they integrate and also how they rely on each other in many different ways as both predator and prey. Surviving; taking care of each other and of the land itself. We got so close to animals we could have been invisible. The sound of crunching bones could be clearly heard as predator feasted on prey. One day, a lion cub, with a big and satisfied belly, actually came to shelter from the sun, in the shadow of our vehicle.

I will end with a fact: ‘It was a privilege’. I just wanted to ask a question – be honest now, ‘Could you do that every day for 9 days?’ My answer would be, ‘Yes. Again and again.’ Alan and Kaleel were amazing to be around and so helpful with the amazing variation of light changes. Our Masai guides were so knowledgeable about the animals and the land and could drive those rough terrain vehicles really well. Masters of their game, I say. Thank you, Alan Hewitt and Kaleel Zibe. I forgot to mention quite a lot, like the zebra and gazelle’s and there is not enough time to highlight the amazing experiences we all had. They are for adventurers to experience for themselves. And … one refreshing thing about the whole trip was that we didn’t need hairdryers or have to get dressed up for a pretentious night out. We always had plenty of solar heated water. We had a 3 course meal every night that was created for us by an amazing chef, we were treated like royalty by our very attentive waiter, our maid was the fairy that we never saw but certainly, we were made comfortable by her efforts. Not forgetting the site guardians who maintained such a low profile, yet lit our way to bed with lanterns each evening, silently escorting those of us who were not in the central hub of the site. The best holiday I have ever had and with the great company of my fellow travellers. Never to be forgotten and a hope that I will return one day.

Chris McConnel   

I would just like to say a huge thanks to both of you for helping to make it an unforgettable experience. The help and instruction re camera settings was invaluable and the dynamics of the whole group just enhanced the enjoyment and wonderment of the experience. There were so many wonderful moments which at times profoundly affected me as you both know.

I was not sure what to expect having never been to Kenya before but it exceeded my wildest dreams…..the accommodation at ‘House in the Wild’ was fantastic and we were so well cared for by all the staff. Moses, Boston and Joseph were inspirational as guides allowing us to have close encounters with all the animals. How they managed to know where to find them, let alone see them in the long grasses, I will never know.

Sue Veal (Sue has signed up again for 2016!)   

In 2013 I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing wild animal photographic experiences of Alan’s safari. My fellow photographers were a great crowd to be with and I can honestly say it was a ‘time of my life’.

In 2015 I decided to pay another visit to the fantastic Mara with Alan and Kaleel though I was very doubtful that it would equal my previous visit. How wrong I was. It surpassed it in every way. The accommodation at ‘House in the Wild’ was super, rustic, but so friendly. Our guides, Moses, Boston and Joseph were extremely knowledgeable and knew just where to look for us to get those memorable experiences and photographs. Nothing was too much trouble. We visited a traditional Mara village and were entertained by dancers – this alone was unforgettable as was the visit to a small town on market day.

The advantage of a safari like this is we’re all like-minded and enjoy the same things. The crowd I was with have all become friends, we keep in touch and share our photographs. It was a very happy and sociable group encouraged by Alan & Kaleel to make the most of the time we had. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter!

To anyone contemplating an Alan & Kaleel Mara photo safari I’d say go for it, you won’t regret it.

Norman George (So good the first time he came back for more!)   

We were fortunate this week to have Alan give the club a presentation on his wildlife photography.

Alan's presentation was very informative and his style is open and relaxed. I am not a wildlife photographer but Alan took time to explain why he took each shot he way he had and had all the shooting data to hand to explain how he got the shot. His presentation contained images from the river near his home to the Masai Mara and gave an insight into the lives of the wildlife in each location.

Even after the presentation the members had many questions for Alan which he happily stayed and answered.

I look forward to his next visit.

Mick Donnelly, Cambois Camera Club.   

Alan, many thanks for our one to one Nikon DSLR workshop yesterday. It was a great day and I now know how to set my camera up for all types of photography.

Anybody reading this if you need to learn from a professional then Alan is the man! An all round good guy and very patient - he needed to be with me! All joking aside he knows his stuff and I would recommend Alan's workshops to anybody. Onwards and upwards to better photography for me!

Terry Gray   

Two more workshops under my belt, Holy Island landscape 18th April and Birds of Prey Rural Northumberland 19th April 2015. As always Alan was at his superb best. The patience of a saint with the novice members of the group and as ever his instruction was second to none. He has the enviable ability of knowing his craft and being able to pass on his knowledge in a way that everybody can understand and put into practice, he even showed me more things about my Canon 7D than I knew before, even though Alan is a Nikon man. Can't wait for my next workshop.

Robert Black   

An excellent day out, the birds were fantastic and positioned well in various natural habitat type location/poses. Alan is always on hand checking camera settings and offering advice such as remembering us all to keep an eye on the back grounds etc. group sizes are just right and every one has a chance to get the best angle for the shoot they have in mind. I would definitively recommend Alans workshops you will not be disappointed.

stephen watson   

I had a truly wonderful day with Alan and a small group of people interested in 'honing their skills' yesterday. I learnt so much about my camera. Alan has an easy way with words and explains things with great clarity, on a one-to-one basis, as each person had a different camera. The Falconers were very obliging and were ready to fulfil any specific requests. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn more about wildlife photography. Thanks for a great experience Alan. Derek A. Sim. Hexham.

Derek A. Sim   

A small group so plenty of attention & advice, it was nice to not only come home with some good photos but to understand how you got them in the first place with loads of info to be used time after time! Thanks again!

Shirley Palmer   

I had a great time learning about landscape photgraphy at St.Mary's Lighthouse. Lots of helpful information, brilliant hands on approach with expert tuition from both Alan and Nick, and it was made even better using Alan's LEE filters to achieve different effects. Really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you.

Lesley Hughes   

I had a brilliant afternoon at St Mary's Lighthouse, despite it being cold and windy. Alan and Nick were very patient and really good at explaining and showing the different settings using the LEE filters. Small group size meant that everyone could sample the LEE filters. It was definitely worth braving the weather for and I would recommend it to anyone not sure about it to go ahead and book - you won't regret it.

Pat Mole   

Another fabulous workshop, delivered by Alan who has infinite patience and Nick who is so knowledgeable when it comes to landscape photography. I have learnt so much in a short time and able to put my new knowledge straight into practice. I feel my photography has taken a big leap forward. Thank you so much Alan and Nick. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to take the next step in landscape photography.


Spent a very enjoyable day recently on The Farnes on a photographic workshop. Alan was very informative and provided excellent tuition at all levels . The course included a day and evening cruise which gave plenty opportunity to ask questions and take pictures of the varied wildlife. Being a small group allowed Alan to spend lots of time with individuals refining their technique . I would certainly recommend an Alan Hewitt workshop to anyone who would like to improve their photographic skills and spend time with like minded people .

Stephen Martin   

Hi Alan, I would like to thank you for a great day at Hareshaw Linn, I learned quite a lot from you as I am quite a newbie to photography. What was nice was you spent some time with us individually, I had a wonderful day with lovely people an experience that will stay with me
Angela Stuart

Angela Stuart   

I went along to Alans workshop without really much knowledge on using my camera in manual mode or how best to use my camera in certain situations. But I feel I have gained a lot from going along on the work shop and understand how to use my camera in manual and know now the importance of playing around to get the settings right for the situation. Alan is a lovely guy and great teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tiffany Morton   

Hi Alan,just a few words to say how much I enjoyed our trip to Hareshaw Lynn, being a virtual novice it was great to experience manual photography in such a stunning setting and all the advice and tips were gratefully received .I've since discovered aperture and shutter priority and haven't taken a pic in auto for weeks.Again many thanks for a great day. Bob.

Bob Thompson   

Thank you so much for a great workshop out at the Farne Islands, we enjoyed ourselves more than we can say. Thanks to the amendments you made to our camera settings we managed to get several really good shots, including the one where the gull was trying to steal a fish from a guillemot’s beak. We will definitely come back to the Farne Islands and have a different perspective on composition next time.

Carl & Lorraine Dunkley   

Thanks for an absolutely fabulous Farne Islands Workshop. You are brilliant, you taught me things I did not know about my own camera and your instruction was second to none. Your knowledge of wildlife and wildlife photography was exceptional. From settings to techniques and strategy for the perfect photo. I though I had caught some good shots but in the cold light of day they turned out to be fabulous. I am very pleased, and would recommend your course to anyone. Many many thanks!

Bob Black   

The Farne Islands trip was a fantastic opportunity to photograph some of the area’s most characterful wildlife. A fantastic boat and a great skipper who was always on the lookout to spot some unusual visitors. Any photographer wanting to get a special shot should definitely go on this trip. Alan did a superb job of organising a very enjoyable trip, everything went very smoothly and it was a pleasure to be part of his group! Looking forward to their next Farne Islands experience!

Will Nicholls   

I am dirty, tired and aching all over but WOW! what a great day. I can’t wait to tell all to my friends and workmates. And yes I have learned quite a lot today, as well as learning to remove my filters! Just had a quick look and I have got some fab photos. I will keep checking your website for more days out as I will certainly be coming on a few, hopefully with a few friends. [CENSORED!] are not anywhere close to being as informative, friendly and professional as yourself, believe me you knock the spots off [CENSORED!]. Once again a great big thank you for the best photography course ever, you have made an old lady very happy.??

I had to censor this testimonial! Despite it being a superb testimonial it mentioned the name of another workshop provider! (Alan)

June Shaw   

A friend of mine booked me on this trip so I didn’t really know what to expect as I didn’t know anyone and hadn’t been out to the further Farne Islands. What a fantastic trip! Alan provided the right level of pre-trip information so I came prepared for the type of weather you could get at that time of year and it turned out we were really lucky. The sea was calm and all day we had uninterrupted sun shine with just enough clouds to make those skies interesting in the photographs. The skipper on the boat did everything we needed and his captaining skills got us really close to the wildlife. All in all an excellent day which I’d thoroughly recommend not just in getting wildlife shots (of which I got lots!) but also a great variety of landscapes and new friends.

Oliver Wright   

As an owner of a DSLR I was keen to learn how to use its manual settings to get some great wildlife shots. I attended the Beginners Wildlife Photography workshop at the Washington Wetlands Centre and found it to be an enormous help. Lead tutor Alan Hewitt knows what he is talking about and was a great teacher. He has patience and empathy with those new to the craft and covered everything from camera settings to composition and fieldcraft to lighting. He also showed me how to process and improve the images on the computer to make them really stand out. For anyone with an interest in wildlife photography I would thoroughly recommend this workshop.

David Gibbon   

Whether you are a photographer, or just a wildlife enthusiast this is a perfect trip to get up close to the wonderful nature of Northumberland and the Farnes. This fantastic day out is a must see for anyone visiting the area! We had a fantastic day, saw some lovely wildlife sights and got some amazing opportunities for photographs. The trip’s tailored approach, and limited places make it brilliant value for money. It was a perfect day and I would definitely recommend it – and I’ll hopefully be going again soon!

Emma Brown   

I have just spent another brilliant day with Alan Hewitt on a Bird of Prey Photography Workshop in the wilds of Northumberland. This is my second workshop with Alan, my first being the Farne Islands in May 2014. As ever Alan has a vast knowledge of his subjects and equipment, and has an ability to pass on that experience to all, novice and experienced photographers alike, he has infinite patience with people like myself who don’t quite get the message first time round. I can’t wait for the next workshop to come around. I would recommend Alan’s workshops to anyone, they are very good value for money, enjoyable and very educational, I have learned a lot since working with Alan on his workshops.
Thank you once again Alan.

Bob Black   

I went to the August Birds of Prey workshop with Alan and a few others. What a day! Learning from the moment I got there till the moment I left. I now feel far more confident with my camera and with my photography. The subjects were excellent as were the surroundings, a truly fantastic day and lots of great experience. I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough! A great day Alan, thank you so much for your time and patience with me throughout the day.

Dave Maw   

Northumberland in November might not be the most popular time for some people – but it sure did give us some fantastic sightings of wildlife and scenery. Thanks to our guide Alan we had a fantastic day both around the Farne Iislands and on the outer island of Longstone. I would also mention the approach to wildlife was careful and very considerate whilst still giving us superb views. Many thanks to Alan and Andrew [Serenity] for their efforts. Was it worth 401 miles each way? Will we go back? – you betcha it was and we will!

Lyndon Lomax   

Alan, you certainly didn’t fail to deliver the goods on Saturday over on the Farne Islands, wow what a magical day! Weather was great, ahhhh the seals were adorable, company was excellent. And the Dolphins! WOW magical. You helped get the pictures as well!! What more could you ask for. Winning the lottery couldn’t have put a bigger smile on my face! This day was absolutely fab and I will remember forever. Roll on the Kenyan trip. Thanks for an absolutely fab fab day Alan!

June Shaw   

I would like to thank you for a great day on Sunday. I have been on a few courses over the last few years with several photographers and I must say yours is one of the best. It was a long day, but well worth it; the photos I have are fantastic and the tips you gave me were brill. Also, your knowledge of the different species and behaviour is second to none. I will be coming on some more of your workshops in the near future. Many Thanks Once Again.

Paul Carr   

Once again Alan a big Thanks from me for a fantastic day at Hareshaw Linn. Enjoyed the tuition, venue and company and your help and advice were, as always, spot on. I had a great day and I think my pictures are fantastic!

June Shaw   

Absolutely fantastic day Alan! Your tuition is fab whilst making sure everybody is happy and have the shots they want. Brilliant day and I will certainly be recommending your workshops. Also great group of people Hopefully mum and I will see you soon on another workshop. Thank you very much!

Nicola Winter   

Another great day Alan with the right amount of people in the group. The tuition was very informative and as always you catered for each individual person magnificently. I managed to take some great photographs as well as making some new friends. I would like to thank Andy for his patience and kindness. And a great big thanks to yourself for providing another fantastic day of a friendly informative Birds of Prey workshop that I would highly recommend. Thanks x

June Shaw   

Alan, thank you for your time and infinite patience on our workshop last week. I bought my DSLR about 10 months ago and thought the manual was just gobbledegook. It was great to get out there with you and actually do it practically. Even the manual is making sense now! The use of water is a great way to help get the message across. Oh and filters, wow! Brilliant, thanks!

Joe Kyle   
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