29 11, 2019

Graduated Filters and Wildlife Photography

2021-06-09T22:53:12+01:00November 29th, 2019|Blog, Formatt-Hitech, Learning|0 Comments

Take a look around a location which is popular with landscape photographers and the chances are, you will see some neutral density graduated filters being used. If you’re unfamiliar, their purpose is to balance the overall exposure, usually in a scene where there is bright sky and darker terrain. Here, [...]

26 07, 2019

Medium Format Wildlife Photography

2021-06-09T22:55:36+01:00July 26th, 2019|Blog, FUJIFILM, Learning|12 Comments

Last year, a visit to my local branch of London Camera Exchange in Newcastle-upon-Tyne resulted in an opportunity to use Fujifilm’s medium format GFX50s camera during one of our photography safaris in Kenya’s Masai Mara. Fujifilm’s longest telephoto lens in their medium format range, the GF250mm f/4, had just arrived [...]

9 12, 2018

Live Baiting of Kingfishers for Photography

2021-06-09T22:57:26+01:00December 9th, 2018|Blog, Fieldcraft, Learning, Wildlife|19 Comments

Photographs of Common Kingfishers are high on the bucket-list of many photographers interested in wildlife. There are commercial wildlife hides which specialise in kingfisher photography and can virtually guarantee spectacular photographs. The standards have been set, and they are very high indeed. Unfortunately, these spectacular photographs come about using a [...]

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