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Contrary to popular belief, intellectual property is still protected by copyright law regardless ot it appearing on the internet, indexed by Google image search or on social media etc etc. Please remember and respect that all photographs, videos and text appearing on this website are Copyright © Alan Hewitt. All rights are reserved. Unauthorised use or distribution including (but not limited to) downloading, distributing, reproduction, altering, copying, printing or projecting is prohibited without written license. I will pursue any copyright infringement for financial compensation.


All digital photographs and prints are licensed and cannot be resold. All of my photographs are available as high-quality 300dpi files. Should you require a lower resolution / alternative pixel size please get in touch to discuss your specifications.

Photographs can be licensed for print and by rights managed and royalty free licenses. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Retina Enabled

Where possible the photographs on my website have been optimised for viewing on modern high-res ‘retina’ screens. This means some photographs may take a little longer than to download and appear in browser software. Please be patient, thank you!


As a responsible and conservation-minded photographer I am committed to a number of ethical standards in my photography:

  • First and foremost, the welfare of subjects always takes priority over the photograph.
  • The vast majority of my photographs are of wild subjects. Where this is not the case the circumstances are noted.
  • I do not live bait subjects.
  • In processing my photography I enhance and ‘fine tune’ only. I do not use any digital manipulation in such a way to misrepresent the subject or its environment. I believe wildlife photography carries an implicit expectation that the photograph is a depiction of a scene witnessed and experienced in nature by the photographer.
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