The Print Room – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a print?

Browse the collections or individual prints, select a print size and frame style then select ‘Add to cart’. When you have selected your prints, go to the Shopping Cart, check your order and proceed to checkout. Provide the required details. You can then pay by bank transfer or using a credit or debit card via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by debit or credit card! PayPal is only used as a merchant banking service to administer the transacation.

How long will it be before I receive my print?

We endavour to get your print to you as soon as possible and hopefully you should recieve it within 14 days. However, it depends on my own schedule and the schedule of the print lab. At busy times there may be delays but we will communicate this to you.

What are the differences between a limited edition and open print?

A Limited Edition print means that there will only ever be a certain number of prints produced. Once they are sold, there won’t be any more available. My limited editions relate to the actual photographic print, not the size. If a print is limited to 30 prints, for example, this is the total overall and it does not mean 30 prints of each available size or frame finish.

Open prints have no such limits.

Wildlife Print Tippelskirch (iv) Giraffe Alan Hewitt Photography

What does your certificate of authenticity include?

The certificate is personalised to you, the print owner. It includes the edition, open or limited and the number, the date and details of print production, a care notice and information about the species or scenario of the print.

Can you provide a canvas print?

Maybe! Please contact us.

Do you print your images yourself?

No. Printing photographs is an artform and a science in itself. I prefer to leave this to the experts who can provide consistently high quality. Instead of churning out prints with a consumer inkjet, I work closely with an award winning professional photography lab in the north east of England.

Will my print need any special care?

Never hang or exhibit prints in direct sunlight. Try to avoid extremes of heat and humidity. Keep prints away from fireplaces, radiators or other heating devices.

Can I return my print if I do not like it?

Unfortunately, no. All prints are produced to order. But, if you have any queries or you feel it is damaged please contact us immediately and we will work with you and the lab to get it replaced.

How much is UK delivery?

UK delivery is included in the price.

How much is delivery outside of the UK?

Please contact us and we will arrange a quote.

Can I ask you another question?