I am a regular advocate for the use of monopods and also, the importance of versatility in any kit I use. Monopods are so much more portable than tripods and much more suitable for use in safari vehicles.

With a monopod head, we don’t need or want the same amount of movement as we do with a tripod head. A monopod will naturally move across two axes, many would say three, albeit tilting is much more range limiting when the camera or lens is attached directly to a monopod.

Ultimately, a ballhead offers too much movement on a monopod so much so it becomes awkward to use, as does a tripod gimbal type of head.

Previously, I have dabbled with the Wimberley MonoGimbal which offers great movement and is well-engineered. But the off-centre balance feels lopsided and counter-intuitive when panning, requiring constant pressure to keep the monopod vertical and I’ve struggled to get used to this. It’s also rather expensive retailing at around £230 here in the UK.

For a monopod, many photographers prefer a vertical “back and forward” tilt-only mechanism. This also maintains the centre of gravity directly on top of a monopod.

Sorted? No, not really.

A basic tilt-only monopod head has a very limited application, it certainly doesn’t tick the versatility box. But if we add a panning base which can be locked independently of the tilt mechanism, we have a panning option for video and unlocked, a 2-way tripod head. Versatility box ticked!

3 Legged Thing Airhed Trinity

3 Legged Thing Airhed Trinity on Alana Monopod

The Airhed Trinity

Ever since I discovered their fantastic monopods, I’ve been pestering my friends at 3 Legged Thing to give us a monopod head with their stamp of versatility, build quality and value which they have become renowned for. Today (30th April), 3 Legged Thing have announced the new Airhed Trinity.

Trinity: The state of being three.

The Airhed Trinity is a very compact fluid motion pan and / or tilt head. Dual controls allow the pan and tilt mechanisms to be locked and released independently of each other and the addition of a detachable arm facilitates smooth panning for video work.

1. Detachable arm and rubber grip

2. Arm removal lock

3. Arca-swiss twist clamp lock

4. Panning base

5. Tilt control / lock

Height 7.7cm
Width (with / without arm) 21cm / 9cm
Base Diameter 4cm
Weight (with / without arm) 374g / 265g
Panning Range 360°
Tilt Range 170° (+90° / -80°)
Load 5kg
3 Legged Thing Airhed Trinity

My primary use for the Airhed Trinity is as a monopod head, so for the majority of use so far I have removed the arm. Removal and replacement is very straightforward using a knurled screw which also acts as a retainer should the arm removal lock be left loosened. If you are using the Trinity as a tilt head only on a monopod, the arm can be rotated downwards and locked in a vertical position out of the way. Removing the arm also makes it much easier to pack in a camera bag for transportation.

As we’d expect, the panning and clamp twist controls are easy to grip, tighten and release. They’re comfortable to use with and without gloves and feel well-engineered, reliable and easy to use. The tilt control lock releases and controls the tension of the fluid 170° tilt action. This is the main control for me, and it feels like a perfect balance between minimising the overall size while maintaining the right ergonomic control for thumb and index finger.

3 Legged Thing Airhed Trinity

Airhed Trinity with XF150-600mm

3 Legged Thing Airhed Trinity

Airhed Trinity with XF150-600mm

Airhed Trinity with Docz & Levelhed

Airhed Trinity with Docz & Levelhed

Airhed Trinity comes in two different colour schemes, Lava and Darkness. A 38mm Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate is supplied but in the photographs above, it is attached directly to the Arca-Swiss compatible foot of my Fujifilm XF150-600mm lens. It also comes with Toolz, 3 Legged Thing’s multi tool carabiner keyring hex tool, coin key and all-important bottle-opener for those sun-downer evenings on the African savannah!

I’ve been using the Airhed Trinity for a couple of weeks. It is light, compact and its ‘three’ function versatility make it ideal for travelling. We can also attach the Trinity directly to the Docz Foot stabiliser. I often use Docz as a mini tripod when travelling or photographing from a very low viewpoint. When shooting low down like this, I may also use Levelhed to ensure panning is consistently level. The Trinity is also a fantastic option for wildlife spotters who are using a scope. It’s all about that V word again… Versatility!


Coot. Low down with Airhed Trinity, Levelhed & Docz

Great Crested Grebe. Airhed Trinity on Alana Monopod

Great Crested Grebe. Airhed Trinity on Alana Monopod

Final Words

The Airhed Trinity is very simple to use, well-engineered and the addition of the removable handle opens up options as a wonderfully smooth videography head.

It is ideal for photographers who need a compact tilt head for a monopod and a pan and tilt head for a tripod, it’s size and multi-function versatility make it absolutely perfect for travelling.

It has already earned its place in my camera bag and I’m looking forward to using it on our safaris over the summer.

The Airhed Trinity is priced at a very reasonable £79.99 / $89.99.

3 Legged Thing Airhed Trinity

Great Crested Grebe. Airhed Trinity on Alana Monopod

Great Crested Grebe. Airhed Trinity on Alana Monopod

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  1. Graham Bewes April 30, 2024 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    I think I may be missing something here but why not just attach the camera directly to the monopod without any head?

    • Alan Hewitt May 2, 2024 at 6:45 am - Reply

      Yes you can do that and I often see sports photographers at events working like this. But they’re usually in a fixed position for periods of time and their subjects are often at the same level in relation to the photographer. I spend time in a safari vehicle photographing different subjects, birds moving around, mammals walking, running and this is when being able to easily tilt pays dividends.

  2. Martin Herdman May 1, 2024 at 11:34 am - Reply

    Do you have a discount code

  3. Phil Lemen May 1, 2024 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    Ha ha, at last somebody who agrees how atrocious the wimberley monogimbal is with its bizarre centre of gravity. It’s unusable!

    • Alan Hewitt May 2, 2024 at 6:40 am - Reply

      Ha ha, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is unusable! I have used it butIjust don’t like it for the same reason. My telephotos are fairly light in comparison to others and I have used it with a 600mm f/4 on and it felt a lot worse too!

  4. Sajid May 1, 2024 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Does it pan and tilt at the same time in the same movement?

  5. Jeff the apple May 1, 2024 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    Lol, you on the 3legged thing payroll? Lots of content from you on them!

    • Alan Hewitt May 2, 2024 at 6:42 am - Reply

      No! I like to support British companies in the industry when they make very good gear which works very well for me in different ways.

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